How to post your FREE advertisements on SecondHandRadio.com

  1. Log in
    If you have not yet registered, please see the text help or video help on how to register.
  2. Think about the category in which you would like to place your ad.
    For example, wanted would go in the category wanted
    A tube socket for a 3-500z would probably go in parts.
    If you do not see a category that seems right, go ahead and post your ad in a category that seems  pretty close.  Then send us an email to suggest a new category.
    Note that there are 'main category' and 'sub-category' for many items.  For example, under amateur radio there are categories for HF and VHF.
  3. After logging in, look at the top menu bar for "post an ad" and click that.
  4. Click on the main category.
    If appropriate, click on the sub-category (there might not be a subcategory).
    Do not be concerned if you make a mistake.  You can always correct the category choice later
  5. You will now see the first screen to enter your ad.  (Uploading photos will be available after completing this step.)
  6. Enter the information as appropriate.   Title, description etc. Provide a good, detailed description.  This makes it easier for people when searching from google and other search engines to find your item.
         In the description, you might want to mention how/where/if you will ship, what form of payment you accept, or any other helpful information.  Is your price firm or negotiable?  Are there accessories that are available or negotiable? (Some people like to list microphones and power supplies seperately from the radio ad.)  There is no need to enter your phone number or email if you do not wish to.
  7. Click Finish
  8. If you have forgotten anything, you will be notified.  If you have completed the entry, you will be given two options.  One option is to "upload photos now" the other is "go to my ads page".  If you wish to upload photos for this ad now, select that choice.  You can come back later to add photos if you wish.