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Log -in help

There are 3 possible reasons you cannot log-in:

  1. You (or we) have not activated your account

  2. You have been locked out due to too many invalid passwords

  3. You have been banned for spamming or posting illegal CBs

1. Did you activate your account?

If you created your account after September 1, 2010, we first sent to you an email with a link which you click for the second step in activation.  You then entered your username and email address again.  When you did this we sent to you instructions with the last step for account activation. 

If you created your account before September 1, 2010 click this link.  You will fill out this form and we will send to you instructions to activate your account.

 The last step of the activation process is done by humans, not a computer, so please be patient if you call when I am sleeping.  We hate to make it so complicated, but this is the best way to keep spammer, scammers, and 419s off this website so they cannot hassle you.

1) Add  SecondHandRadio.com to your email safe-list so that all of our email is guaranteed to not be blocked by over-zealous anti-spam controls.  Read more here.

2)  If you have any trouble, please end an email to webmaster@SecondHandRadio.com to let us help you. You must include your username.

3) Please note that if your email service is blocking email from classified@SecondHandRadio.com, that it will also block email from the webmaster and therefore we will not be able to help you.

If you did receive the email for activation, and you did activate your account, there are two more possibilities.

1) We have not activated your account yet because we are busy.  (Activation is a manual process.  If both webmasters are out fishing or scuba diving, it might be a few more hours before one of us activates your account.)
2) We screwed-up.   Please send an email to the webmaster and let us know. You must include your username

2.  You have been locked out due to too many invalid attempts to log-in.  Did you forget your password?

We can NOT look up your password for you; it is just NOT possible. If you forgot your password, please use the procedure to reset your password that will be emailed to you.  The new password will be a bunch of gobbledeegook, but you can change it again to something you will remember.  To reset your password, go back to the login page and click forgot password.  Then you must send an email to the webmaster and request that your account be unlocked.  We will unlock your account (unless you are a reason #3) and send you an email to let you know you may use your new temporary password.


Disclaimer. Buyer Beware !   Seller Beware !  Traders Beware !  Treat all listings and meetings and information like you would if you saw the classified ad in a newspaper.  We cannot verify who anyone is and only YOU can protect yourself from cheats and idiots.

If you do get in a bind between you and the other person, you may wish to look at the Internet Crime Complaint Center or the United States Postal Inspection Service

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