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TEA1062 Low voltage transmission circuits

For Sale: $1.50
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click link below for TEA1062 data sheet.

Power for the IC and its peripheral circuits is usually obtained from the telephone line. The supply voltage is derived from the line via a dropping resistor and regulated by the IC. The supply voltage VCC may also be used to supply external circuits e.g. dialling and control circuits. Decoupling of the supply voltage is performed by a capacitor between VCC and VEE. The internal voltage regulator is decoupled by a capacitor between REG and VEE.

The DC current flowing into the set is determined by the exchange supply voltage Vexch the feeding bridge resistance Rexch and the DC resistance of the telephone line Rline.

The circuit has an internal current stabilizer operating at a level determined by a 3.6 kW resistor connected between STAB and VEE see Fig.9 . When the line current Iline is more than 0.5 mA greater than the sum of the IC supply current ICC and the current drawn by the peripheral circuitry connected to VCC Ip the excess current is shunted to VEE via LN.

$5 for one
$12 for 8

about 150 available
$65 for all

jtk 1-0131

Item # 8720
Location: Florida
Category: Semiconductors
Posted by: JTK
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