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How much does it cost? Nothing ! Regular ads with photos are free!
How do I get paid? That is entirely up to you.   You might want to mention what methods of payment you accept right there in the description of your item.  Let people know right off if you will not accept personal checks or if you do accept Paypal or credit cards.   A lot of people find paypal to be convenient, though they do get a commision out of each transaction.  In all cases, this website will not get involved in the transaction.
How do I place and ad? Since you are asking, I will assume you are a first time user. You click on the link to register here at the site. Before you register, please also read our privacy policy. Then click on 'post and ad' and follow the prompts. Yes, it is that easy! Your ad might appear immediately.
Dealers Welcome Commercial dealers and retailers are welcome to advertise here. We ask that your ads here on the site are not for new, currently produced items that you carry. New old stock, obsolete parts, obsolete equipment, refurbished equipment, used radios, parts and surplus is welcome. We suggest you put a link to your business website in each of your ads to lead people to your store for new radio and electronics.  If you accept credit cards for your used or surplus items, be sure to mention that in your ad.  (Better yet, upload a graphic in each of your ads with the credit card logos and "we accept the following".)
Please upload photos Admit it; when you are perusing this site, you really appreciate seeing photos of the items people have for sale. Other people really do want to see a photo of your item. You may upload 40 photos to go with each of your listings. Uploading photos is very easy to do and photos are FREE !
Featured Ads & Ad Categories On the left side of the 'homepage' you will see several 'featured ads'. We select some of the more interesting ads that have good photos to be a 'featured ad'.  Feel free to suggest a new category or sub-category. Just send an email to webmaster at second hand radio .com.
Ad Guidelines Ads must be in English (so I know they comply) The sponsors and advertisers on this site have no responsibility in your transacation. Use common sense when dealing with potential buyers and sellers. If you see an ad in a newspaper for a used car and you get screwed by the seller, you don't complain to the newspaper, do you? Ads must be related to electronics hobbies, radio, tv, telephone, audiophile, components, computers etc.
No CB equipment We have nothing against CB radio.  However, 95% of the CB radio equipment people tried to list on this site was blatantly illegal.  If you list illegal CB equipment on this site your account will be immediately and permanently banned with no warning.
Paid Advertising Paid advertising is welcome.  Each morning when the cat wakes me up, I ask him if today is the day we start making money at this.  So far he has never answered me.
Privacy Policy Our Privacy Policy is simple; don't expect any.  Also note that when you register to use this site you give us permission to email you occasionally with site news, promotions, or news related to electrical and electronic activities and hobbies.
Warranty This site doesn't warrant anything. You didn't pay to use this site so you have nothing to complain about.  (Helpful suggestions are appreciated.)  If you don't like this website or what it does, then quietly remove your ads and go away.
Guarantee This site doesn't guarantee anything.  You didn't pay to use this site so you have nothing to complain about.  (Helpful suggestions are appreciated.)  If you don't like this website or what it does, then quietly remove your ads and go away.
If you have trouble with site If you have trouble with the website please send an email to webmaster at
Why you supply your email address #1, the site needs your email address in order to set up your account.  #2, the site needs your email address so that you may receive responses to any ads you might place.  The site needs your email address so that if you respond to an ad, your email address is provided to the poster of that ad.  #3, if you forget your password, the site has built in function to create a new password for you and then email it to you.
If you want to stop emails If you want to stop getting emails, all you have to do is let your ad expire.  When your ad expires, no one can 'respond' to it.  If you do not want to wait until your ad expires, then just log-in, go to 'my ads & profile' and set your ads to 'unlist' which will make them inactive.
We may delete You are not paying to use this website, so we may delete anything for any reason.  Keep in mind that the more you post, the more traffic we get; so we do encourage you to post.  We will delete anything that we do not think fits our best interest; we will not notify you when we do. 
Your responsibility It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to consider what you put in your ad.  It is YOUR responsibility to consider if someone is lying to you or scamming you.
We do not monitor We do not monitor emails you may receive as a result of your posting(s) on this site.  We do not attempt to figure out who is a scammer or an idiot.  When you see an ad in the newspaper for a used car for sale, you do not expect the newspaper to know if the ad is for a scam.  And the newspaper is not going to control who calls you in response to your ad that you may place.  So don't think we are any different in that respect.
Disclosure of personal information If a law enforcement agency requests information about your account, we will turn it over.  We don't wait for a court order.  Your 'personal information' is only personal to the extent that it is not normally displayed on this site to casual visitors.
Legal Disclaimer This site is a classified advertising site.  Like classifieds in the newspaper, you don't expect the newspaper to protect you from cheats, you don't expect the newspaper to verify the information in the ad, you don't expect the newspaper to verify identity(ies), phone numbers, addresses or anything.  You know you have to watch out for yourself.

"Common Carrier" laws protect common carriers from lawsuits over something a user did over the carrier.  Like you cannot sue the telephone company because someone used the telepnone to cheat you.  You cannot prosecute the telephone company because someone used foul language on the telephone.  This website is not any different in that respect.  We just allow you and others to place a lot of 1s and 0s in a way that others can see what your 1s and 0s other words, we let you post ads here for free and we don't know if you are a crook, so you cannot expect us to know if the 'other guy' is a crook. 

This site is trying to do something useful and nice for honest people.  We cannot prevent the existence of evil people.   Use this website carefully.  There is nothing magical about the internet or computers. Ever notice that homeless people never get ulcers because of computer problems?  This ain't NASA; we aren't rocket scientists;  things will go wrong with this website.  When you were born the only thing anyone promised you was that some days would be a bitch and then you will die.  Somedays the computer will really piss you off.  If that concerns you, stay home on the couch and watch tv. Or move to a country that doesn't have running water or electricity or medicine where there is no chance of a website screwing up your day. If you want a website with a zillion rules and pages and pages of legal mumbo-jumbo we suggest you try ebay.