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Ad preview photo.Turn counting knobs - 10 turn$4.75FloridaHardware For Sale
Ad preview photo.Rubber feet (bumpers) 1/2 inch$0.15FloridaHardware For Sale
Ad preview photo.Double female F connectors, 3 GHz$0.15FloridaHardware For Sale
Ad preview photo.Bayonet meter lamp holders$2.00FloridaHardware For Sale
Ad preview photo.Lamp holder for dial with pointer$1.00FloridaHardware For Sale
Ad preview photo.Lamp holder, screw base$0.50FloridaHardware For Sale
Ad preview photo.Indicator lamp, red$2.00FloridaHardware For Sale
Ad preview photo.Screw, nylon, 10-32 1.5 inch length$0.25FloridaHardware For Sale
Ad preview photo.Screw, 10-32 nylon, flathead, 1 inch$0.25FloridaHardware For Sale
Ad preview photo.Cable Clamp, Nylon, 3/16" new$0.25FloridaHardware For Sale