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SN55189 / MC1489 ceramic 14 pin dip NEW$0.50FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
CD4011BE quad nand gate. NEW$0.50FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
INtel D8086-2 NEW 19 available$8.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
TEA1062 Low voltage transmission circuits$1.50FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
Ad preview photo.full wave bridge rectifier 4 A 50 V$4.75FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
ECG5073A 8.7 V 1 W zener diode. $3.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
ECG1104 FM IF$3.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
ECG611 varactor only ONE left$4.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
ECG2406 ECG2407 surface mount transistors$6.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
ECG125 diode 1 amp 1000 volt$3.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
Zener diodes, various$3.50FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
ECG969 voltage regulator -15V 1 A$3.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
ECG923 precision voltage regulator 8 pin 2 NEW $3.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
ECG860 narrow-band FM IF 12v NEW, 2 left$3.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale
ECG5000A 2.4 V 1/2 W zener 5% only ONE left$3.00FloridaSemiconductors For Sale